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BroncoFit & Health Professions Living Learning Communities

  • HPRC Members hold HPRC banner and give a presentation
    Teaching Others about the Health Professions Residential College

  • Health Professions Residential College members play wheelchair basketball
    Wheelchair Basketball

  • Health Professions Residential College tubing at bogus basin
    Tubing at Bogus Basin

  • HPRC members rafting Boise River
    Rafting the Boise River

  • health professions residential college members stand in the river
    Having Fun in the Water

  • Health Professions Residential College group fall 2012
    Health Professions Residential College Members

  • BroncoFit Bike Tour
    BroncoFit Bike Tour

  • Hiking Table Rock
    Hiking at Table Rock

Health Professions Living Learning Community

The Health Professions Living Learning Community (HP LLC) is a a community for students in their first year of college majoring in health related disciplines such as Nursing, Health Promotion, and Radiology. Students -participate in service projects and activities to gain a better awareness of the philosophies and opportunities in the field. They combine coursework with real-world experiences and life choices. The HP LLC is focused on providing discussions, guest speakers, field trips, and service projects to challenge the learner to identify the important tenants of health care and clarify personal values and goals as they relate to the major.

2017-2018 Faculty-in-Residence

Caile SpearCaile Spear, PHD, MCHES, FAAHE
Department of Community and Environmental Health

Learn more about the Health Professions Living Learning Community.

BroncoFit Living Learning Community

The BroncoFit Living Learning Community is a community for students that focuses on a balanced environment between academic and personal wellness. Students will engage in programming geared towards maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness while acting as a support for one another within the community. Students participate in a weekly class and related activities to achieve their program goals such as components of wellness that include physical, intellectual, financial, emotional, social, occupational, environmental, and spiritual

2017-2018 Faculty-in-Residence

Tim KempfTim Kempf, PHD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Kinesiology

Learn more about the BroncoFit Living Learning Community.

Visit University Housing’s website for more information about Living Learning Communities.