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Tim Dunnagan

Greetings from the faculty and staff within the College of Health Sciences (COHS). The faculty and staff have worked diligently on the enclosed strategic planning document. We are grateful for the input, work and guidance given from Boise State University students, Boise State administrators and our many partners in the Treasure Valley. This input has enriched our perspectives and provided opportunities for dialogue and discussion as a College. Through the repeated process of dialoguing as a College and visiting with our Boise State and Treasure Valley partners, we were able to generate a thoughtful document, which will help direct our efforts during the next five years.

Ultimately, this planning exercise will enable the College to expand on a strong foundation of success in these distinctive areas: Research, Graduate and Undergraduate Education. We shall further faculty research contributions by creating a stronger academic culture that supports high quality scholarship. Therefore, we seek to focus and expand our research efforts in the future.

We also see the need to continue the impressive growth and maturity within the graduate programming by seeking relevant accreditations and forging new partnerships and collaborations within the College and across the University. These actions will allow our quality graduate programming to meet the future needs of the state and region as we develop distinguished leaders, researchers and practitioners who can work to maximize health and well-being.

The high quality undergraduate programming in the COHS has always been the foundation of the College. This will continue to be the case in the future. We seek to continue this tradition by modifying our curriculum to produce quality health professionals who are better able to be critical thinkers, team players, innovators and life-long learners.

With the many changes that are taking place in higher education and health care, a number of changes need to be addressed by the faculty and staff within the COHS. We feel that this strategic plan provides direction so we may continue to prosper as a College and contribute to the quality of education and research at Boise State.

As Dean of the College, I welcome your thoughts and feedback related to the COHS strategic plan. Each year we shall reexamine the plan and welcome input so that we may continue to be effective and successful in teaching, research, and service. Please feel free to contact me at or call me at 208-426-1678.

Dr. Tim Dunnagan, Professor and Dean, College of Health Sciences