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Title IV-E Idaho Child Welfare Scholar Program

IV-E Idaho Child Welfare Scholar Program

The Idaho Child Welfare Scholar Program provides a stipend to promising BSW and MSW social work students who are committed to practicing social work in the field of child welfare. These stipends are funded through Title IV-E of the Social Security Act. The purpose of this program is to recruit and retain qualified staff in child welfare practice with specialization in the areas of foster care and adoptions.

Students receiving stipends must agree to accept employment in Child and Family Services within the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) for a time period that corresponds with the stipend received. Stipends are available for both potential and current Health and Welfare employees. The MSW stipend award is primarily intended to develop advanced skills among experienced Idaho Health and Welfare Department employees.

Program Eligibility

  • Admission into either the BSW or MSW programs at Boise State University and remain in good academic standing.
  • Demonstrate a desire to pursue a career in child welfare or be a full-time employee with Idaho Health and Welfare Department  for one continuous year.
  • Agree to the educational requirements of the Boise State University Scholar Program.
  • Confirmed field placement in an approved child welfare setting.
  • Commit to work for the Idaho Division of Child and Family Services (FACS) for a designated period of time after graduation to complete the requirements of the scholar program.
  • Understand fully that the stipend must be repaid if program commitments are not met.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or a qualified alien, which can include a permanent resident, asylee under Section 208 and a refugee under Section 207.

Application Process

Applications will be accepted beginning January 3, 2017 until filled. Contact the Scholar Coordinator to determine if applications are still being accepted after February 24, 2017.

How to apply

Complete application materials and submit the application and FERPA Waiver to the Scholars Coordinator at the address below. The application materials ask you to provide some paperwork on colored paper, you do NOT need to do this. Your signature on the FERPA Waiver form allows the Scholar Coordinator to release your application packet to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare upon request when you are being considered for one of the stipends. It is highly recommended that you inquire with the Scholars Coordinator regarding questions you have about the application and to inform of your intent to apply.

Selection Process

Applicants are selected at the end of the Spring semester for the following academic year. Contact the Scholars Coordinator for details.


A screening process will include an interview and thorough review of all application materials by representatives from the Boise State University School of Social.


An interview will be scheduled by the Child Welfare Field Unit Coordinator when all application materials are completed and submitted.

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