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Bachelor’s in Social Work Admissions

Bachelor’s in social work recipients practice in a variety of social welfare settings, and with a variety of populations. The School of Social Work welcomes diversity and invites interest and applications from those who seek to participate in a profession committed to helping people.

Bachelor’s in Social Work Admission Requirements

Courses required for eligibility in the bachelor’s in social work program must be completed with a grade of C or higher. SOCWRK 101 and 201 must be completed with a grade of B or better.

A minimum GPA of 2.5, or a minimum GPA of 2.8 from the two previous full-time semesters is required at the time of application. In order to maintain candidacy status once admitted, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in required social work courses.

Typically, students accepted into the program have completed between 78 and 80 total credits. Students may apply for upper-division status during the semester in which they are completing the required foundational studies and other prerequisite courses.

BSW Program Prerequisite Courses

Course PrefixCourse Number or Description
ENGL101, 102
UF100, 200
DLVDisciplinary Lens course in Visual and Performing Arts
DLLDisciplinary Lens course in Literature and Humanities
DLMDisciplinary Lens course in Mathematics
DLNDisciplinary Lens course in Biology - must take BIOL 100, 191 or 227
DLNSecond Disciplinary Lens course in Natural, Physical, and Applied Science
SOC101, 230
ECON201 or 202
SOCWRK101, 201

Please note, the school does not approve academic credit for prior work or life experience.

Transfer Students

The School of Social Work recommends that students who intend to transfer to Boise State meet with an academic advisor before they transfer. Students transferring from the College of Southern Idaho or the Treasure Valley Community College will have completed all required course work to apply for upper division social work program; to streamline the process, Boise State has established equivalency agreements with both institutions.

Apply to the Bachelor’s in Social Work Program

Students who wish to enroll in the bachelor’s in social work program must first apply and be accepted to upper-division status for the bachelor’s in social work. The school reviews and approves applications for admission to upper-division status each October and March. Applications for students to begin upper-division coursework in the spring semester should apply by the first Friday of October. To begin upper-division courses in the fall semester, students should apply by the first Friday of March.

Admission to candidacy for the degree is determined by faculty evaluation of a student’s application. Applications are also judged by the following criteria:

  • Quality of written statement
  • Recommendation letters
  • Quality and quantity of work/volunteer/service learning experience in the human services
  • Criminal background

Application Forms

Students should review and complete the academic checklist and appropriate four-year plan with an academic advisor before applying. Applicants must also complete a background check and two letters of recommendation.

Before filling out the application, please use the accompanying “BSW Application Materials” table to be sure that you have all your application materials ready – the application must be completed in one session, and you will not be able to revise the application once it is submitted.

When you are ready to fill out the application, click the “Apply Now” button to be taken to the online form.

BSW Application Materials

ItemDescriptionRequired for Application
Application InstructionsDetailed instructions for the application process – includes student essay guidelines.Download and read in preparation.
Student EssaysTwo student essays are required for the BSW application. Detailed essay guidelines can be found in the “Application Instructions” document. Yes – These should be available to cut and paste into the online application. These will not be uploaded.
Academic Checklist 2018 to 2019

Academic Checklist from 2012 to 2018
Checklist used for advising purposes – it is recommended all applicants meet with a major advisor to complete this before applying to the BSW program.

See the undergraduate advising page if you need to schedule a meeting with an advisor. Undergraduate Advising
Yes – You will use the information from the first page of the checklist to fill in the online application. Please see Application Instructions.
Work/Volunteer/Service Learning History Including Type, Organization, Title, Supervisor Name, Duties, Hr/Week and the start and end date of each of each activity. You are not required to upload a resume. Yes – You will need to have this information available to fill in the online application.
Notarized FormsForms which must be completed, signed, notarized, scanned and uploaded as part of the BSW online application.
• Criminal & Substantiated Abuse History Disclosure
• Verification of Candor and Accuracy
• Ethical Statement.

Please DO NOT sign any forms needing to be notarized until you are in the presence of the Notary Public. Picture identification is required.

Desiree Kohl is a notary in the office of the School of Social Work. Please email her for an appointment at Click here for a list of other on-campus Notaries.
Yes – These documents will need to be available to upload.
Unofficial TranscriptA PDF copy of Boise State unofficial transcript – this document can be generated in the Student Center through MyBoiseState.

Transfer students should include their unofficial Boise State transcript once all credits from other institutions have been included.

Transfer students should include their unofficial Boise State transcript once all credits from other institutions have been included.
Yes – This document will need to be available to upload. See Application Instructions for information on how to generate the unofficial transcript.
Letter of Recommendation Form (Evaluation Form)Form provided for applicant’s references to complete.
• SOCWRK 201 – Service Learning Agency Evaluation and the separate Letter of Recommendation (Evaluation Form)
• (2) Additional references to either write a letter of recommendation or use the Letter of Recommendation (Evaluation Form) as a recommendation.
Yes – These are in addition to the online application process.

These are to be completed and returned in an envelope that has been signed on the envelopes seal. See Application Instructions for details.
Background Check ProcedureInstructions and timetable for background check processing through CastleBranch is available in Application Instructions. Yes – However this is in addition to the online application process through CastleBranch.