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S2000 Susie

Susie, the manikin

Susie Features


  • Place NG/OG tubes
  • Oral or nasal intubation/suctioning
  • Programmable airway
  • Sensors detect depth of intubation
  • Perform tracheostomy or needle cricothyrotomy
  • Unilateral chest rise with right mainstem intubation
  • Multiple upper airway sounds synchronized with breathing, including normal, none, inspiratory, expiratory and biphasic strider


  • Control rate and depth of respiration and observe chest rise
  • Ventilation is measured and logged
  • Anterior and posterior lung sounds (8 sites) including normal, none, wheezing, inspiratory squeaks, crackles
  • Chest rise and lung sounds are synchronized with selectable breathing patterns
  • BVM and mechanical support
  • Unilateral chest rise and multiple breath sounds

Circulation and Color Change

  • Multiple heart sounds, rates, and intensities including normal, none, distant, systolic murmur, S3 and S4
  • Chest compressions are measured and logged
  • Blood pressure and oxygen saturation can be taken bilaterally using real equipment
  • Korotkoff sounds audible between systolic and diastolic pressures
  • Cyanosis and vital signs respond to physiologic condition and interventions
  • Bilateral carotid, radial, brachial, femoral, posterior tibial and pedal pulses operate continuously. Pulse strengths vary with Susie’s blood pressure and pulses are synchronized with the ECG

Venous Access

  • Bilateral IV training arms
  • IM sites on shoulders and thighs
  • Draw blood from finger stick

Active Eyes

  • Open and close
  • Select blink rate
  • Reactive pupils
  • Select pupillary response to light
  • Program “blown” pupil

Conduct breast examinations and teach BSE techniques

  • Proprietary silicone breast inserts
  • Interchangeable left breasts include
  • Fibrosystic disease (chronic mastitis)
  • Benign tumor with stalk
  • Giant sarcoma
  • Scirrhus carcinoma
  • Carcinoma in milk duct
  • Right breast contains 8, 10, 16, and 20mm lumps for BSE

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