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S575 Noelle and Newborn Hal

Noelle manikin simulating labor
newborn Hal manikin

Noelle Features

Special Features

  • Airway, breathing and circulation
  • Vertex, breech and C-section deliveries
  • Shoulder dystocia and PPH
  • Dynamic perinatal monitor
  • Maternal and neonatal vital signs monitors
  • Blood pressure and oxygen saturation can be taken bilaterally using real equipment
  • Multiple heart and respiratory sounds
  • Pulses are continuous and synchronized with ECG
  • Speech and convulsions

Noelle’s Newborn Hal Features


  • Oral and nasal intubation
  • Use an ET tube or LMA
  • Uni or bilateral chest rise
  • Multiple upper airway sounds


  • Control rate/depth of respiration
  • Ventilation is measured and logged
  • Independent left and right lung sounds
  • Breath sounds

Circulation and Color Change

  • Multiple heart sounds, rates, intensities
  • Chest compressions measured/logged
  • Blood pressure and IV
  • Color, vital signs, and motion respond to hypoxic events and interventions
  • Umbilical, brachial, and scalp pulses operate continuously
  • Pulse strengths vary with blood pressure and pulses are synchronized with ECG

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