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Facilities, Manikins and Equipment

Floor plan of Simulation Center - Norco building room 340
Hal | Noelle & Newborn Hal | Susie | Pediatric Hal | Control Room | Debriefing Room | Standardized Patient


Hal, the ManikinSix high-fidelity manikins are used in designed learning activities within the College of Health Sciences Simulation Center. To learn more about the Simulation Center and the capabilities of each manikin, please click above on the respective area of the Simulation Center layout.


In addition to the manikins, the environment in the Simulation Center is made real by the availability of:

  • Functioning headwalls
  • Hospital beds
  • Gurney
  • Birthing bed
  • Infant warmer
  • IV pumps, mini-infusers, feeding pumps, thermometers, oximeters, etc.
  • Limited crash cart
  • Large variety of disposable supplies