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RN-BS Statistics Prerequisite

A 3-credit undergraduate statistics courses is a pre/corequisite for enrolling in the RN-BS Completion Track.  An eligible course can be transferred to Boise State or you can choose one of the following options.

1. Take a statistics course at Boise State University.

  • HLTH 280 – Introduction to Statistical Methods*
  • MATH 254 – Applied Statistics with Computers*
  • PSY 295 – Statistical Methods*
  • CJ 426 – Criminal Justice Statistics*
  • SOC 310 – Elementary Social Statistics*
  • BUSSTAT 207 or BUSTAT 208 – Business Statistics

*Available online.

NOTE: Unless you are enrolling in Boise State’s HLTHST 280: Introduction to Statistical Methods, please do not enroll before consulting with your RN-BS Advisor.

2. Take a statistics course through Idaho Independent Study (correspondence course).

  • Math 1153– Introduction to Statistics
  • Psyc 300 – Statistical Methods

NOTE: Please communicate your course choice with an RN-BS Advisor before registering.

3. Take a statistics course from another regionally accredited university and transfer the credits to Boise State.

NOTE: Please confirm that the course meets the prerequisite requirement with an RN-BS Advisor prior to registering.