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Contact an RN-BS Advisor or Student Services

Candice Johnson, BA
RN-BS Advisor

Schedule a Phone or Office Appointment with Candice
Phone: 208-426-1727

About: Candice is committed to helping you navigate the application process and can provide a preliminary evaluation of your transcript. After you are admitted, call her for help setting up your schedule, choosing courses, and creating a graduation checklist!
Maura Rasmussen, Manager, RNBS Enrollment & AdvisingMaura Rasmussen, M.Ed
RN-BS Manager of Enrollment and Advising

Schedule a Phone or Office Appointment with Maura
Phone: 208-426-1768

About: Maura Rasmussen played an integral role in the development of the RN-BS Completion Track. She has guided hundreds of nursing students from admission to graduation and is frequently cited for her unparalleled commitment to helping her students.
Sandi Gregory, Student Services CoordinatorSandi Gregory, MA
Student Services Coordinator

Phone: 208-426-1714

About: With over ten years of experience in student services, Sandi creates tips and tools designed to enhance your RN-BS experience. She is focused on student success and retention be watching for surveys and announcements from Sandi.


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