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RN-BS Technology Requirements

Online courses at Boise State use Blackboard Learn, an internet-based application. Blackboard requires a computer capable of running a certified or compatible operating system and web browser (no tablets or smartphones).

Technology requirements for the RN-BS include:

  • A reliable internet connection. Broadband or a high speed network connection is highly advised.
  • Access to a scanner.
  • The ability to send and receive email, including email attachments.
  • Knowledge of how to format and submit documents using Microsoft Word and Power Point.
  • The ability to use Adobe Acrobat reader to view course materials.
  • Access to a device (camera, tablet, smart phone) that allows you to create short videos.
  • Software or technology specified for individual courses.

View minimum hardware/software requirements.

New to Online Education?

A 1-credit elective course is offered each semester. It includes tips and strategies on how to succeed in an online environment (RN-NURS 306)