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Jane Blackwell, RN, CNM, PhD

Jane Blackwell, Adjunct FacultyAdjunct Faculty,
RN-BS Online  Completion Track


Jane Blackwell joined Boise State University as Adjunct Faculty in the Spring of 2014.  She has taught in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral education in nursing and until recently, as an Associate Professor of Nursing at Armstrong State University in Savannah, Georgia.  In addition, she has served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetric and Gynecology Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia, teaching medical students and residents the art of midwifery. In her professional role outside academics, she has for the past 38 years, practiced as a Certified Nurse Midwife in primarily high risk environments.  Dr. Blackwell assisted in establishing the first doctorate level entry program for nurse midwifes in the United States at Rush University in the early 1990’s.  Her work as a midwife and dedication to women’s health permitted her to assume the Directorship of the International Center for Women’s Health from 1992-1993.  Since 1992 until now, Dr. Blackwell has served women and their families through her participation in several mission trips that include Russia, South Africa and Haiti.

Dr. Blackwell received her PhD from Rush University in Chicago where her doctorate focused on bench science research in male fertility. She also spent 3 years training at Loyola Medical School, Department of Psychiatry in Human Sexual Dysfunction. She has received the Silver Slate Award from the Toledo Public School System for her work in developing innovative developmental approaches to the pregnant child between 9 and 16 as well as a fetal salvage grant from the State of Ohio. She more recently has received three certificates in online education, the most recent being a Faculty Fellow’s Certificate in Online Education from Armstrong State University.

She also holds a MSN from the University of Illinois with a clinical specialty in midwifery and a minor in teaching and research.  Her BSN was from Purdue University and her ADN was from Joliet Junior College in Joliet Illinois.

Dr. Blackwell is a native of the Chicago area but moved to Georgia 15 years ago and is now considered an official “Georgia Peach.” She enjoys and plays the marimba, vibraphone, harp and American Indian flute. Travel and French pastry making is a passion much loved and enjoyed by her family.