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Why Boise State?


Miah N., Oregon Health and Science University Hospital

Miah, OHSU Hospital (OR)

“Big things happened in my life because of Boise State’s Respiratory Care Program.”

How did you feel about your education at Boise State?

The desire that the program instilled in me to accomplish what the professors and staff believed I could completely astonishes me. The amount of dedication, heart, and passion they place into your work and students at Boise State is unrivaled. I know I have said thank you… But it will never be enough. (more…)


Kyler Wilson Photo

Kyler, 2015 Graduate

“Faculty taught us ways we can help support our patients in a variety of ways.”

What subject did you enjoy the most during the program? What aspect of the program did you enjoy the most?

When I first started the program, I knew I was going to enjoy what I did, but I didn’t realize that it would become such a passion. Learning about medicine in general and especially about cardiopulmonary medicine has been absolutely fascinating. There is so much to learn and to know that it does get intense, but it has been so rewarding. The faculty in the Boise State Respiratory Care program is outstanding. Throughout my education, I have never felt so supported by faculty who practiced what they preached.  (more…)