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RRT to Bachelor Degree Completion Program

Description of the RRT to Bachelor Degree Program –  Degree Completion Program

Students can now earn a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care without coming to the Boise campus. The program is designed for Registered Respiratory Therapists who want to earn a BS Degree without leaving their homes. The student is required to complete 11 online courses. Because the program is designed for practitioners who are working full-time, students are encouraged to take no more than two or three courses per semester completing their BS degree in two years. Each of these courses will be delivered online only. Because the student is required to be a Registered Respiratory Therapist before being accepted into the program, there is no clinical course in the Senior Year.

Admission Criteria

To be admitted to the degree completion program, students must first apply for admission to Boise State University and submit official copies of their transcripts from all colleges and/or universities attended. Once the candidate has been admitted to the University and the transcripts have been reviewed by the Registrar’s Office, the Department of Respiratory Care will begin the advising review. This is the method by which we verify the candidate’s RRT credential and determine if there are any courses which may need to be taken in addition to the 11 courses in the program. The program prerequisites include:

  • an Associate of Science Degree in Respiratory Care from a regionally accredited college or university;
  • at least 64 credits successfully completed;
  • credentialed as a Registered Respiratory Therapist;
  • admitted to Boise State University.

Students who have received an AS degree in Respiratory Care from Boise State University will have taken additional credits applicable towards their Bachelor’s degree. They may not need to take all of the courses required for the degree completion program. Students who have an Associate of Applied Science or an Associate of Health Science Degree may need to take additional classes to satisfy foundation requirements.

Description of Course Delivery Method

Courses will be delivered via Blackboard. Blackboard is a web-based course-management system designed to allow students and faculty to participate in classes delivered online. Blackboard enables instructors to provide students with course materials, discussion boards, virtual chat, online quizzes, an academic resource center and more.

Online courses typically are more time-intensive than traditional classroom-based courses. Students will be required to do a significant amount of reading, online posting, writing of papers and more online activities. Therefore, the student must be motivated and willing to spend a considerable amount of time on each course. For this reason, it is not recommended that students working full-time take more than three courses per semester.


Several of the online courses require a textbook in addition to other course materials. Please check the Boise State Bookstore listing of textbooks to determine if the course you are taking requires a textbook.   

Quality of the Boise State Respiratory Care Program

General Program Information

The Boise State University Respiratory Care Program has been in existence as a Therapist Program/Advanced Practitioner Program for over 30 years. A Bachelor of Science Degree in Respiratory Care has been offered for years.

There are six full-time faculty in the Department of Respiratory Care balancing age and experience with youth and energy. Three of our faculty have been teaching for 25-30 years each,  two faculty have been teaching for more than five years and one faculty has joined our department recently. For more than twelve years, the faculty have been involved with international education working with students from countries including Japan and Saudi Arabia. Online courses have been available for several years attracting both international students and students from several states across the U.S.

Pass Rates on NBRC Examinations

The Boise State Respiratory Care Program has always had an outstanding pass rate on NBRC Exams. During the past 10 years, the pass rate on the Entry Level Examination has remained over 95%. The pass rate on the Written Registry and Clinical Simulations has always been well above the national average.


All of our graduates seeking employment have secured employment in Respiratory Care upon graduation. The Department receives frequent requests from health care facility personnel and recruiters from the greater Boise area, the State of Idaho and the surrounding states seeking our graduates.


Our faculty and students have presented Poster Presentations during the Open Forum on Mechanical Ventilation at the International Congress of the AARC for many years. Among the recent presentations are:

  • Four poster presentations at the 2011  American Association for Respiratory Care International Congress in Tampa, FL.
  • Three poster presentations at the 2010 American Association for Respiratory Care International Congress in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Three poster presentations at the 2009 American Association for Respiratory Care International Congress in San Antonio, TX.
  • One poster presentation at the 2008 American Association for Respiratory Care International Congress in Anaheim, CA.


Several faculty are involved in authoring medical educational software, have published articles in refereed journals and have presented research at the American Association for Respiratory Care International Congress.