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Curriculum is currently under revision. Please contact your advisor for additional information.

It is important to contact an advisor as soon as you are considering the Respiratory Care Program. Your advisor can assist in course selection and class schedule management.

As is true with many health care careers, the faculty make changes to the curriculum as needed. Therefore, it is important that you discuss your plans with your advisor on a routine basis. Students should plan to meet with an advisor at least once per semester while in the program.

Boise State University Respiratory Care Curriculum

Freshman Year

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
Year One: Fall Semester
ENGL 101Introduction to College Writing3
BIOL 227Human Anatomy & Physiology (DLN)4
MATH 254Introduction to Statistics3
HLTH 101Medical Terminology 3
UF100Intellectual Foundations3
Year One: Spring Semester
ENGL 102Intro to College Writing & Research3
BIOL 228Human Anatomy & Physiology 4
CHEM 101Chemistry (DLN)4
PSYCH 101 General Psychology (DLS)3
Visual & Performing Arts (DLV)3

Sophomore Year

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
Year Two: Fall Semester
RESPCARE 104Patient Assessment1
RESPCARE 105Interdisc. Patient Care Skills Lab2
RESPCARE 200Recitation & Application I1
RESPCARE 203Respiratory Care Theory I3
RESPCARE 204Respiratory Care Lab I2
RESPCARE 208Clinical Practicum I2
RESPCARE 220Cardiopulmonary Renal Physiology3
UF 200Civic and Ethical Foundations3
Year Two: Spring Semester
RESPCARE 219Introduction to Research1
RESPCARE 221ECG Interpretation1
RESPCARE 223Respiratory Care Theory II3
RESPCARE 224Respiratory Care Lab II2
RESPCARE 228Clinical Practicum II4
RESPCARE 229Diseases and Diagnostics I3
RESPCARE 250Recitation and Application II1
RESPCARE 255Respiratory Rounds1

Junior Year

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
Year Three: Fall Semester
RESPCARE 300Recitation & Application III1
RESPCARE 301Principles of Pharmacotherapeutics2
RESPCARE 303Respiratory Care Theory III3
RESPCARE 304Respiratory Care Lab III2
RESPCARE 308Clinical Practicum III5
RESPCARE 329Diseases and Diagnostics II3
Year Three: Spring Semester
RESPCARE 302General Pathology2
RESPCARE 323Respiratory Care Theory IV3
RESPCARE 324Respiratory Care Lab IV1
RESPCARE 328Clinical Practicum IV5
RESPCARE 350Recitation & Application IV1
RESPCARE 355Professional Communication in Health Care (CID)3

Senior Year

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
Year Four: Fall Semester
RESPCARE 440Senior Theory: Advanced Concepts3
400 Level RESPCARE Elective3
400 Level RESPCARE Elective3
Social Sciences (DLS)3
Year Four: Spring Semester
HLTH 432Critical Review of Health Care Research*3
400 Level RESPCARE Elective3
Literature and Humanities (DLL)3
FF 4001