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Shelley Lucas – Sport History & Sport Culture

History & Culture of Women in Sport

“Girls’ Six-Player Basketball:The Essence of Small-TownLife in Iowa.”,   is a chapter written  by Dr. Lucas and Jaime Schultz that was featured  in  an anthology that recently won  the North  American  Society for Sport History (NASSH) Book Award for best anthology. Thischapter examined the history of Iowa’s six-player girls’ basketball and the relationship between the sport and small town communities in the state


Additional Information:

Dr. Lucas’s research interests include women ‘s sport history, gender issues in sport, and socio-cultural aspects of  sport-related concussions. Her current research focuses on women’s cycling history, including Idaho’s own Women’s Challenge–the international cycling stage race for women  that ran from 1984-2002, the history of popular media representations of concussions, and the role of parents in supporting concussed youth sport athletes.

Shelley Lucas

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Shelley Lucas, Ph.D

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