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Nate Williams – Vulnerable Populations – Children

Child Mental Health Reform

This grant seeks to develop an estimate of the prevalence of Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) among youth accessing psychiatric treatment via public funds in Idaho. Dr. Williams is also involved in an ongoing research grant through Boise State University to develop a practice-based research network of mental health providers in order to study the implementation of evidence-based practices in publicly-funded youth mental health services.


Idaho State Department of Health and Welfare, Boise State University

Additional Information:

Dr. Williams’ research focuses on understanding how organizational social contexts in a variety of settings influence the processes, quality, and outcomes of children’s mental health and social services as well as on organizational interventions that create contexts for implementation success and client well-being. He is particularly interested in understanding how organizational culture and climate relate to evidence-based practice implementation strategies can be used to support implementation and youth outcomes.

Nate Williams

Principal Investigator:

Nate Williams, Ph.D, LCSW

Contact Information: