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Karen Breitkreuz – Nursing Workplace Resilience

Perceived Risk

This research project examines how medical error influences care providers, and how to improve resilience to errors in care. Simulations were used to mimic error experience, hoping to produce longer lasting changes in attitude and error mitigation strategies. It is hoped that educational approaches and simulated error exposure will provide a significant change in attitudes and ultimately decrease rates of medical error. She is currently working on educational research surrounding Cultural Intelligence and use of Virtual Reality in Nursing Education.


St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center

Additional Information:

Breitkreuz’s professional research interests include pediatric nursing, inter-cultural proficiency, international nursing, international nursing education, and the use of technology in nursing education. Her many years of clinical and professional practice experience at a Children’s Hospital in California, and Pediatric facilities in New York has served as her basis for teaching pediatrics and a variety of other undergraduate nursing courses.

Karen Breitkreuz

Principal Investigator:

Karen Breitkreuz, MSN, Ed.D, RN, CNE

Contact Information: