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Dale Stephenson – Stephenson Exposure Science Lab

Human Health & Exposure to Toxic Agents

The primary goal of Dr. Stephenson’s lab is to better human health and preserve quality of life through the evaluation of exposure to chemical, physical and biological agents. Innovative control strategies to safeguard human health are applied using current technologies to monitor and assess exposure to airborne contaminants.

 Lab Research:

Diesel Exposure in Mines: Biomarkers in Urine and Real-time Air Monitoring, Quantification of CO Exposures Associated with the Operation of Recreational Watercraft, Snowmobile Noise Exposure Monitoring of Yellowstone National Park Employees, The Sustainable Technologies and Alternative Chemistries Training and Education Center (STAC-TEC)

Additional Information:

Dr. Stephenson’s research interests lie in the discipline of occupational health, specifically as they relate to the assessment and control of airborne exposure to toxic agents. The Stephenson Exposure Science (SES) Lab was founded at Boise State University in 2006 and is affiliated with the School of Allied Health Sciences housed in the College of Health Sciences. In addition to his existing research, Dr. Stephenson is also the principal investigator fo rthe Idaho Occupational Safety and Health Consultation Program.

 Dale Stephenson

Lab Director / Principal Investigator:

Dale Stephenson, Ph.D, CIH

Contact Information: