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Pre-Pharmacy Program

Boise State University students who wish to receive a doctorate of pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree usually plan to take their pre-professional courses at Boise State University and then apply for admission to the College of Pharmacy at Idaho State University. The pharmacy program consists typically of three years of preparatory studies followed by four years in the College of Pharmacy at Idaho State University. The curriculum outlined below is based on the minimum requirements of Idaho State University. Students who intend to apply to pharmacy schools other than Idaho State are advised to consult a pre-pharmacy advisor and pattern their curriculum after that of the school to which they expect to transfer. The suggested English, Area I, and Area II credits apply towards the 30 semester credits required by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education in oral and written communications, humanities, and social sciences. Check out the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy website.

Pre-Professional Studies Advisors

Glenda Hill
Pre-Professional Studies
ghill@boisestate.edu208-426-3832NORCO 116
Erin Colburn
Academic Advisor
erincolburn@boisestate.edu208-426-2454NORCO 116
Thomas Kimble
Academic Advisor
thomaskimble@boisestate.edu208-426-3732NORCO 116

Pre-Pharmacy Course Work

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
ENGL 101, 102English Composition6
Arts, Humanities, and University Foundations Courses (select with your advisor)6-12
Social Sciences (select with your advisor)6
COMM 101Fundamentals of Speech Communication3
ECON 202
Principles of Macroeconomics OR
Principles of Microeconomics
*BIOL 191General Biology4
BIOL 227, 228Human Anatomy and Physiology8
BIOL 205Microbiology4
CHEM 111, 111L - 112, 112LCollege Chemistry I and II with Labs8
CHEM 307, 308, 309, 310Organic Chemistry10
CHEM 350
Biochemistry OR
Fundamentals of Biochemistry (ISU requirement)
MATH 143-144 OR
MATH 147
College Algebra and Analytical Trigonometry OR
*MATH 160 OR
MATH 170
Survey of Calculus OR
Calculus I
MATH 254Introduction to Statistics3
*PHYS 111General Physics4-8
*Many Pharmacy programs require BIOL 192 and PHYS 112, requirements vary from program to program.