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Pre-Dental Studies

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Ignite Your Passion for Dental Professions

Health Professions Week – Dental Virtual Fairs – November 7th and 8th

Students planning on gaining admission to dental school must successfully combine an academic major with the specific prerequisite requirements of the professional school they wish to attend. Most dental schools provide substantial latitude in the academic majors that students may pursue at the baccalaureate level; for this reason, this program is designed to provide you with guidance in selecting a degree and then tailoring your requirements for dental schools of your choice. When considering which degree to choose for a given graduate and professional school goal, student’s should select a degree that will focus their passions and interests but is efficient towards their dental school’s requirements.

The Pre-Dental Studies designation is a non-degree program available at Boise State University.  You will not earn a degree in Pre-Dental Studies (with the exception if you were attending or have attended Boise State between 2012- August of 2018).  Therefore, it is suggested that students work closely with their pre-dental advisor to successfully and efficiently meet both the academic requirements of the major they select and the professional school requirements.

Pre-Dental Studies Advisors

Glenda Hill
Pre-Professional Studies
ghill@boisestate.edu208-426-3832NORCO 116
Erin Colburn
Academic Advisor
erincolburn@boisestate.edu208-426-2454NORCO 116
Thomas Kimble
Academic Advisor
thomaskimble@boisestate.edu208-426-3732NORCO 116

Resources and Information

Considering a Career as a Dentist?

Academic Requirements

The prerequisite courses required by most dental schools include, but are not limited to: ENGL 101-102 Introduction to College Writing and Introduction to College Writing and Research; CHEM 111, 111L-112, 112L General Chemistry I and II with Labs; BIOL 191-192 Biology I-II; PHYS 111-112 General Physics; and CHEM 307, 308, 309, 310 Organic Chemistry I and II with labs, BIOL 320 Cell Biology, BIOL 310 Genetics, and CHEM 350 Fundamentals of Biochemistry are highly recommended.

Students should consult the Admission Requirements of U.S. and Canadian Dental Schools handbook for requirements specific to their professional school of interest. Students need to be aware of deadlines established by dental schools and the DAT testing organization. Admissions examinations, such as the Dental Admission Test (DAT) must be taken at specific times. This examination is not administered on the Boise State campus. Deadlines for applying to dental schools vary yearly from school to school. Students are responsible for determining the specific deadlines and fees.

Recommended Coursework for Pre-Dental Studies

The following is a list of recommended courses to be tailored with a bachelor degree of students choice, these courses do not lead to a bachelor’s degree in Pre-Dental Studies. If you are/or have attended Boise State University between 2012- August 1st of 2018 you are eligible for a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Dental Studies and can find the specific requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog on the Registrar’s Office website.

Course NumberCredits
ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing
ENGL 102 Introduction to College Writing and Research
UF 100 Foundations of Intellectual Life
UF 200 Foundations of Ethics and Diversity
FA - Foundations of Art FA Approved List (Please see advisor for appropriate course selection)
FH - Foundations of Humanities FH Approved List (Please see advisor for appropriate course selection)
FS PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychological Science
FS Social Sciences course in a second field FS Approved List
(Please see advisor for appropriate course selection) - Commonly required SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology, COMM 101 Fundamentals of Communication
FM MATH 143 Pre-calculus I and II - 144 AND/OR
FM MATH 170 Calculus I AND/OR
FM MATH 254 Introduction to Statistics prereq: MATH108 or higher
Students should consult with the pre-dental advisor to determine appropriate math requirements for their chosen dental schools
FN BIOL 191 Biology I-192 Biology II
Prereq: MATH 143 or higher
FN CHEM 111, 111L College Chemistry I with Lab – 112, 112L College Chemistry II with Lab
Prereq: MATH 143 or higher
FN PHYS 111 General Physics I and II Prereq: MATH 144 or higher
Major selection may indicate PHYS 211/212 would be necessary in place of General Physics i.e. Chemistry majors
CHEM 307, 308, 309, 310 Organic Chemistry I and II and Labs AND
CHEM 350 Fundamentals of Biochemistry
Possible upper division requirements or recommendations depending on school selections:
Students should consult with the current course catalog for prerequisite requirements
BIOL 320 Cell Biology
BIOL 310 Genetics
ZOOL 301 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy OR
BIOL 227-228 Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II
ZOOL 401 Human Physiology
PSYC 301 Abnormal Psychology
BIOL 205 Introductory Microbiology OR
BIOL 303 General Microbiology

Non-academic Requirements

In addition to academic coursework, pre-dental studies students have opportunities to work in a clinical environment and observe the practice and delivery of healthcare through arranged internships. Qualified students may register for an internship. These students work and study in a clinical setting with practicing dentists. To register for an internship, students must have upper-division standing, cumulative GPA above 3.25, approval of their advisor, and consent of the instructor. See the course description for HLTH 493 Internship. Students participating in clinically oriented internships will need to submit to a criminal background check at their own expense.