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RN-BS Faculty

Our RN-BS faculty are supportive teachers, passionate about nursing, and experienced online educators with a wide range of clinical and academic expertise.

Faculty Spotlight: Get to Know Oligens Sulo, RN, MSN

Photo of Oligens SuloProfessor Sulo received his ADN from Henry Ford Community College, MI, his RN-BSN degree in Nursing from Madonna University, MI, and an MS degree in Nursing Education from Oakland University, MI. Mr. Sulo’s expertise in teaching includes emergency, medical- surgical, skills laboratory and nursing simulation. His research interests include childhood obesity, cultural awareness and simulation technology.

Professor Sulo is recognized as a role model, mentor, and facilitator of the teaching-learning process.  He believes that online environments can spark interactive discussions and immersions, which foster an upstream learning experience for both the faculty and the students. He is genuinely interested in contributing to students’ academic success and professional development.

Mr. Sulo is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International, National League for Nursing and Emergency Nurses Association and has worked in a variety of clinical areas including emergency, medical-surgical, and clinical education.

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Lindsey Wallgren,

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