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Online RN-BS Completion Track

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    Helping nurses complete their bachelor’s degree online since 2008.

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    High quality education at a manageable cost.

  • Flexible schedule in the RN-BS program - create your own schedule.
    Maximum flexibility for working nurses.

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    Watch a brief video slideshow about the RNBS Completion Track

Marilyn's pictureWelcome!
I am so pleased that you are taking steps to complete your bachelor’s degree at Boise State University.

During the coming academic year, the School of Nursing will celebrate the graduation of the first 1000 registered nurses from the RN-BS online program. This important milestone reflects the commitment of our faculty and staff to deliver a robust, flexible and affordable online program. We look forward to receiving your application!

Marilyn O’Mallon PhD, RN
Associate Director, RN-BS, AGNP, DNP Programs


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  • Introduction to RNBS Video Slideshow

The RN-BS is a CCNE accredited online program that supports registered nurses in completing their bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Our program offers flexible scheduling, friendly and knowledgeable advisors, and an academic program that will positively impact your academic progression and your professional career.

View the Introduction to the RNBS Video Slideshow.

Flexible Schedule Options

RN-BS courses are delivered online and include two project-based courses that are completed within your own community.  No clinical hours or preceptors are required.

The average student completes the program in 18 months by enrolling year-round in two courses per semester but we encourage each student to create a schedule that works best for them.

  • Attend year-round or take your summers off.
  • Slow the pace – enroll in just one class at a time.
  • Take a semester off when needed.
  • Accelerate completion and finish in 12 months.

Dual Enrollment Options

Upon admission, you can enroll in all RN-BS courses if you have an RN License. If you have graduated with an associate degree in nursing degree, there are several courses that you can complete while preparing for the NCLEX.Nursing students enrolled in associate degree nursing programs at the following schools may dual enroll in select RN-BS courses online with Boise State after completing two semesters of their ADN program.


The online RN-BS curriculum provides you with a wide range of advanced nursing competencies to enhance your professional career, while providing an academic foundation for pursuing advanced nursing degrees.Several select RNBS courses may be taken by ADN graduates while preparing for the NCLEX. Other courses require an RN License. Contact and RN-BS Advisor for more information.   

Complete course descriptions can be viewed in the Boise State course catalog.
UF300Transitional Foundations (must be taken in the first semester of RN-BS Program)3 credits
NURS 306E-Learning Preparation for the RN (elective)1 credit
(5 weeks)
NURS 392Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice (A 3-credit statistics course is a co- or prerequisite for this course)3 credits
NURS 416Community and Population Health Nursing3 credits
NURS 417Community and Population Health Nursing Lab (project course)3 credits
NURS 420Policy, Power and Voice3 credits
NURS 422Care Coordination and Resource Management3 credits
NURS 424Nursing Leadership and Management3 credits
NURS 425Nursing Leadership and Management Lab (project course) 2 credits
NURS 428Nursing Roles in Health Aging2 credit
NURS 430Preparing for a Financially Savvy Career & Retirement (elective) or Palliative Care (elective)
Note: One 430 elective must be completed as a requirement for graduation.
1 credit
(5 weeks)
NURS 432Preparing for Graduate Education and Advanced Practice2 credits
(8 weeks)
NURS 496Independent Study (elective)1-4 credits
HLTHST 280Introduction to Statistical Methods for Health Sciences (this course meets the prerequisite for NURS 392. View other options for statistics requirement.)3 credits
HLTHST 400Inter-professional Capstone1 credit

Affordable Tuition

      • Estimated total cost for the online RN-BS is $12,160. This includes tuition, fees, books, and other related costs.
      • Apply for federal financial aid by completing the FAFSA. Boise State School Code: 001616.

Boise State Application Fee$50
Supplemental RN-BS Application Fee$20
RN-BS Course Credits (30 credits @ $335 per credit)$10,050
Distance Education Fees (30 credits x $15 per credit)$450
Prior Learning Credits ($20 per class x 9 classes)$180
Books ( $100 per class x 13 classes) $1,300
Background check/drug test (if required)$110
Approximate Total$12,160

Tuition and fees are subject to change. Cost may vary based upon transfer credits accepted toward graduation requirements and prior learning credits.

As an RN, you can apply for Prior Learning Credits after you have passed the NCLEX and completed a minimum of 12 credits of the RN-BS curriculum.

Estimate does not include cost of the statistics prerequisite or any general education courses that may be required for graduation. Contact an RN-BS Adviser for a transcript evaluation and personalized cost analysis.

Tuition benefits for Boise State employees do not apply to self-support programs, including the RN-BS Completion Track.

Supportive Faculty

Our faculty are highly trained in delivering online education and provide an enriching academic experience designed to enhance your nursing practice and to prepare you for graduate studies.


RNBS Overview pdfSince each associate degree program is different, requirements may vary based upon your prior education and experience. We encourage you to read our Program Overview, or contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable RN-BS Advisors for a transcript evaluation or advising appointment.

Prerequisite (Statistics)

A 3-credit undergraduate statistics course is a co- or prerequisite for RN-BS courses. You can complete statistics prior to enrolling or during the first semester of the RN-BS program. Please email ( or call 208-426-1727 if you are unsure if you meet this requirement or for information on eligible options for completing this requirement.

General Education Requirements (Based upon your Associate Degree Type)

The type of associate degree you earn may affect whether you meet Boise State general education (core course) requirements for graduation.

Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Arts (AA)
If your nursing degree is an AS or AA from a regionally accredited institution, you are “core certified” and meet general education (core course) requirements.* If your degree is from a school that is not regionally accredited, please call 208-426-1727 for more information before applying.

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), Associate of Applied Science in Nursing (AAS) or Diploma Nurse
If your nursing degree is an ADN, an AAS degree, or you are a Diploma Nurses, please email or call 208-426-1727 before applying to the RN-BS Completion Track. One of our RN-BS Advisors will review your credentials and provide you with information about your options for meeting Boise State’s general education (core course) requirements.

ADN or AAS, plus Bachelor’s Degree
If your nursing degree is an ADN or AAS, but you have also earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, you are “core certified” and meet general education (core course) requirements.*

*NOTE: UF 300 and NURS 420 are RN-BS required courses that meet the Foundational Studies requirements for graduation.

Technology Information

ONLINE MONITOROnline courses at Boise State require a computer capable of running any certified or compatible operating system and web browser listed by Blackboard (sorry, no tablets or smartphones). You will also need:

  • Reliable internet connection. Broadband or a high speed network connection is preferred.
  • Access to a scanner or mobile app for creating scanned pdf.
  • The ability to send and receive email, including email attachments.
  • Knowledge of how to format and submit documents using Microsoft Word and Power Point.
  • The ability to use Adobe Acrobat reader to view course materials.
  • Access to a device (camera, tablet, smart phone) that allows you to create short videos.
  • Other requirements as specified for individual courses.

New to online learning?

A 1-credit elective course is offered each semester.  It includes tips and strategies on how to succeed in an online environment (NURS 306).

Questions about choosing a legitimate online learning program? Educate yourself about what to look for by viewing this online discussion hosted by U.S. News Education.

Boise State Graduation Requirements

Photo of graduation capGraduation from Boise State University with a bachelor’s degree in nursing requires 120 credit hours, including:

  • All approved transfer credits.
  • Completion of 30 RN-BS courses, earning a “C” or above.
  • One prerequisite.  A 3-credit undergraduate statistics course. Must be taken before or during your first semester in the RN-BS program.
  • A minimum of 40 upper-division credits. Courses at the 300 or 400 level.
  • Completion of Boise State general education required courses.
  • Approved prior learning credits. RN-BS students can apply for prior learning credits after passing the NCLEX and completing a minimum of 12 credits of the online RN-BS curriculum. Credits for prior learning cannot count toward the 30 credit RN-BS curriculum requirements.


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Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our supportive RN-BS Advisors.
From application to graduation, we’re here to help!

Phone: 208-426-1727
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