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Faculty and Staff Directory

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Faculty and staff are listed alphabetically. ¬†Click on a faculty or staff member’s name to learn more about them.

NamePositionUnitPhone Number and Email
Ackaret, Alannah, BATechnical Records Specialist IISchool of Nursing(208) 426-1722
Ahten, Sara, DNP, RNAssociate ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-2642
Alderden, Jenny, PhD, APRN, CCRN, CCNSAssistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3925
Anderson, Darcy, MS, RNClinical Assistant ProfessorSchool of
Anderson, Kathleen, MSN, RNClinical Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-1137
Breitkreuz, Karen, MSN, EdD, RN, CNEAssociate ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3409
Bunderson, Becky, MS, RN, CHSEDirector, College of Health Sciences Simulation CenterSchool of Nursing(208) 426-2639
Carlson, Faye, MS, RN, CCRN, CNRN, FNCClinical Associate ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-5675
Connor, Kelley, MSN, RN, CNE, CHSEAssociate ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-2641
Copeland, Kim, MSN, RN, CHSEClinical Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3580
Crouch, Lisa, MSN, RNClinical Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-1176
Culver, Salena, MSN, RNClinical Assistant Professor School of Nursing (208) 426-3728
Finnell, Rachel, MSN, RNClinical Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3579
Fleetwood, Coral, BSAdministrative Assistant ISchool of Nursing(208) 426-3589
Gallegos, Cara, PhD, RNAssistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-2643
Gehrke, Pam, EdD, RNAssociate ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-1651
Godard, Karen, DNP, RN, CPNPClinical Associate ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3628
Graham, Marian K.Management AssistantSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3789
Grassley, Jane, PhD, RN, IBCLCProfessor
Jody DeMeyer Endowed Chair for Nursing
School of Nursing(208) 426-1670
Gregory, Sandi, BSBusiness AnalystSchool of Nursing(208) 426-1714
Holmquist, Kaylin, BSFaculty/Student Coordinator, AGNP and DNP ProgramsSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3828
Hubbert, Ann, PhD, RN, CTN-AProfessor and Director of the School of NursingSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3404
Hulme, Dori, BBAManagement AssistantSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3733
Hunter, Crissy, DNP, RN, CNEClinical Associate ProfessorSchool of
Jenkins, JillAdministrative Assistant II, Student Services SupervisorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3598
Johnson, Candice, BAAdvisor, RN-BS Completion TrackSchool of Nursing(208) 426-1727
Josephsen, Jayne, EdD, RN, CHPN, CHSEAssociate ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-5473
Kadrlik, ZerikAdministrative Assistant 1School of Nursing(208) 426-3819
Kepler, Jennifer, M.E.dSimulation SpecialistSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3730
Kindall, Hayley, BARecruiterSchool of Nursing(208) 426-5308
Loftus, Nancy, BAAdministrative Assistant II
Simulation Center
School of Nursing(208) 426-1336
Loos-Bartlett, Nicole, DNP, PNP-BC, PhDClinical Assistant ProfessorSchool of
Lugo, Beverley, MSN, RN, CCRNClinical Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3728
Maccarillo, Vi, BAClinical Contracts and Scholarship ManagerSchool of Nursing(208) 426-1767
Macy, Rosemary, PhD, RN, CNE, CHSEAssociate ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3563
Marsh, Jennifer, MSN, RNClinical Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing(251) 270-7029
Martz, Kim, PhD, RNAssociate ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3591
McCall, Darci, MSN, RN, C-EFMClinical Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-5676
Miller, Betty, BA, MSManager of Online Faculty and Technology, RN-BS Online/Distance Completion Track, AGNP and DNP ProgramsSchool of Nursing(208) 426-2217
Milojevic, Andrea, MSN, RNClinical Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-2689
Mulcock, Pam, MSN, RNClinical CoordinatorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3708
Nelson, Corey, BA, MAInstructional Technologist II, RN-BS Online/Distance Completion TrackSchool of Nursing(208) 426-2178
O'Mallon, Marilyn, PhD, RNAssociate DirectorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-4032
Poole, Shelle Nursing Business Operations Manager
Clinical Associate Professor
School of Nursing (208) 426-4132
Prengaman, Molly Vaughn, PhD, FNP-BCAssociate ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3590
Quiroz, Betzi, MSN, RNClinical Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-1650
Rasmussen, Maura, MEdStudent Enrollment and Advising Services Manager, RN-BS Online/Distance Degree Completion TrackSchool of Nursing(208) 426-1768
Reynolds, Anthony, BSSimulation SpecialistSchool of Nursing(208) 426-2778
Segert, TomLab Materials SupervisorSchool of Nursing(208)
Serratt, Teresa, PhD, RNAssociate ProfessorSchool of
Molina-Shaver, Paula, MS, RN-BCClinical Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-5398
Smith, Sara, BA, MSAcademic AdvisorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3458
Stock, Jennifer DNP, FNP-BCClinical Assistant Professor
Nurse Practitioner
School of Nursing
Health Services
(208) 426-3911
Strohfus, Pam, DNP, RN, CNEAssociate Professor
DNP Program Coordinator
School of Nursing(208) 426-3577
Taylor, Elizabeth J.Graphic Design SpecialistSchool of Nursing(208) 426-1352
Ulrich, Anna, RN, MSN, Med Clinical Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426- 3599
Veltman, Max, PhD, RN, CPNPAssociate ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3707
Walker, MargetAdministrative Assistant IISchool of Nursing(208) 426-1405
Walters, Renee, PhD, RN, CCRN, FNP-BCClinical Associate Professor
Interim AGNP Program Coordinator
School of Nursing(208) 426-2201
Wheeler, Rachelle, BAAdministrative Assistant IISchool of Nursing(208) 426-3909
Willhaus, Janet, PhD, RN, CHSE, CHSOSAssistant Professor
Healthcare Simulation Certificate Facilitator
School of Nursing(208) 426-3712
Zhao, Lucy, PhD,
Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing(208) 426-3731