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Health Promotion Emphasis

The Health Promotion Professional

A health promotion professional is someone who has a wide range of knowledge in the health field and who works to educate the public about health initiatives, healthy living, and more.   These experts work in a variety of settings, including schools, fitness and wellness centers, nursing homes, and public and non-profit service agencies. They address important health topics such as nutrition; exercise; tobacco, alcohol, and substance use; and availability and use of health care services.  Their primary focus is on the promotion of good health practices in order to improve the overall health of the public.

Emphasis Requirements

This emphasis includes a number of courses and experiential opportunities designed to broadly train students to promote health in various sectors of public life. Courses emphasize preventing disease and disability in healthy populations and encouraging healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices.

If you choose the Health Promotion emphasis, you will:

  • study current issues in health policy including access to and quality of health care
  • learn how to develop and implement programs designed to improve health and well-being
  • address health issues and associated social determinants of health with a focus on prevention and community-based interventions

In addition to completing specific required courses, you also will complete several elective courses.  These choices enable you to tailor your education to the type of work you would like to do.  Elective courses can focus on health-related topics such as:

  • psychology
  • marketing
  • budgeting and financial administration
  • grant writing
  • research methods

You are not limited to these topics; you may request to enroll in other Boise State course offerings such as workshops and special topics that relate to this emphasis.

To review the courses required for the Health Promotion emphasis and read course descriptions, please go to the Registrar’s Web site to access a PDF of the Graduate Catalog.  The catalog is bookmarked.  From the bookmarks list, choose: College of Health Sciences