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International Students

We welcome students from around the world and value the diversity that international students bring to our program.

International students must complete an International Student Graduate Application, meet English language proficiency requirements, and provide documentation to demonstrate they have adequate financial resources to cover one year of living expenses, tuition, and fees.

International Student Services (ISS) provides comprehensive support services to international students in the area of immigration, academics, cross-cultural challenges, and adjusting to life at Boise State University.

Background for Admission

The Master of Health Science (MHS) program expects applicants to have knowledge and/or experience related to the healthcare field. Applicants usually meet this requirement with substantial undergraduate coursework in health science or a closely-related discipline. Closely-related disciplines include public health, biology, nursing, education, psychology, and other areas broadly related to health.  Applicants with a history of coursework or occupational experience that is health related will have priority over those applicants who do not have such a background.

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines for the Master of Health Science (MHS) program have changed.  Applicants must submit all required materials and complete all required application tasks by:

  • March 1 . . . .  for the fall term
  • October 1 . . . for the spring term

Please note that the application deadlines for the Master of Health Science program are earlier than the deadlines to apply to the Graduate College.

How to Apply

Application to the Master of Health Science program consists of several steps.

1. Complete the Graduate Admission Application form.

All applicants for graduate programs must apply to the Graduate College of Boise State University. If the Graduate College does not accept an applicant, the Master of Health Science Selection Committee cannot consider the applicant for our program.

You will submit a nonrefundable application fee at the time you apply.  Consult the Graduate College Web site for the most recent fee information:

Before you apply and pay the application fee, you should contact International Admissions with any questions you have about your qualifications to apply to Boise State University:

Once you are certain you wish to apply, log in to the Graduate College’s application system to complete your application form and to upload necessary documentation.

When you fill out the application form, you will enter the term for which you are applying.  Keep in mind the deadlines for submitting application materials for the Master of Health Science program:

  • March 1 to begin classes in the fall
  • October 1 to begin classes in the spring.

Remember that the application deadlines for the Master of Health Science program are earlier than the deadlines to apply to the Graduate College.

As you fill out the application form, you will respond to questions about your undergraduate coursework in epidemiology and statistics and your understanding of the MHS program’s academic expectations for your work if you are accepted into the program.

Make sure you list all schools of higher education you have attended.

2. Provide evidence of English proficiency.

A few days after you apply, International Admissions will email you to tell you what documentation you need to submit to complete your application.  They will give you instructions for requesting TOEFL or IELTS scores; the testing company  must send your scores directly to International Admissions.

Review the International Admissions Web site for information about the English proficiency requirement.  The site tells you the minimum TOEFL and IELTS scores Boise State will accept and under what circumstances the University might waive submission of these scores.

Writing is an important predictor of student success.  Applicants to the Master of Health Science program must complete a one-hour writing assessment.  However, international students who have taken the TOEFL or IELTS and who meet standards established by International Admissions do not have to complete the writing assessment.

3. Provide official transcripts from post-secondary institutions.

International Admissions will tell you which transcripts you need to submit and will give you instructions for providing those transcripts.

For more information, see Official International Transcripts on the Admissions Web site.

If you have questions, contact International Admissions at or call 208-426-1156.

4. Make an appointment to speak with the MHS Program Director, Dr. Sarah Toevs.

After International Admissions has approved your admission to the University, make an appointment for an interview with the MHS Program Director.  If you live outside of southwestern Idaho, you may make an appointment for a phone interview in lieu of an in-person interview.  To book an appointment with Dr. Toevs, go to:

The purpose of the interview is twofold:  The MHS Program Director will have the opportunity to learn about you and to discuss your interest in the program, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the program.  This interview not only will help the Program Director determine if you are a good fit for the program but also will help you determine if the program is a good fit for you.

After your interview, you will enter the date of the interview in your application in the Graduate College’s application system.

5. Upload required documentation to the Graduate College application system.

Log in to the Graduate College’s application system.  There is a link for “Health Sciences” in the left-hand menu on your screen.

To complete your Master of Health Science program application, you will upload the following documents:

  • A current copy of the your resume.
  • A formal statement of at least 250 words explaining your educational and career background and future objectives as well as how these objectives correspond to the Master of Health Science program.

6. Arrange for three recommendations.

A recommendation provider is an individual who will complete and submit a recommendation on your behalf. Log in to the Graduate College’s application system.  Then use the “Recommendations” link in the left-hand menu of your Graduate College application page to enter the names and contact information for three recommendation providers. At least one recommendation provider should be one of your former professors (although this may not be possible if you are returning to college after many years). Other suitable references include employment supervisors and volunteer coordinators.

You must enter each recommendation provider’s name and email address. You also must indicate if they will submit their recommendations electronically or on paper (online submission is preferred).

After you submit the name and email address of each recommendation provider, the application system will send an email to the recommendation providers who will submit their recommendations online. The email will provide instructions for submitting their recommendations electronically. Their recommendations will be included in your application.

If a recommendation provider is unable to complete the recommendation electronically, please ask the recommendation provider to mail the recommendation to:

Master of Health Science Program
Department of Community and Environmental Health
Boise State University
1910 University Dr.
Boise, ID 83725-1835

When we receive the recommendation, we will upload it to the application system where it will be included in your application.

How the online recommendation process works:

  • You will click the “Recommendation Provider List” button and enter the name and contact information for each recommendation provider.  Be sure to click Save.
  • After you have saved the recommendation provider information, the application system will send an email to the recommendation providers you indicated will complete their recommendations online.  The email will include an access code and instructions for the provider to upload a recommendation to the application system.
  • You can view the status of your online recommendations each time you log in to your application account.

If someone you have asked to be a recommendation provider is unable to provide a recommendation, you may add a new recommendation provider.  Be sure to include the provider’s email address.

7. Complete the International Student Financial Documentation form.

If the Graduate College and the Master of Health Science program accepts you, International Admissions will formally admit you to the University and to the program.  They will issue an admission letter and make you eligible to enroll in classes.

At this point, international students who are on a student visa must submit the International Student Financial Documentation form.  This form is necessary to prepare immigration paperwork.  You will find a link to the form at:

Note:  The Master of Health Science program does not require applicants to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations).

Monitor Your Application

For the MHS Selection Committee to consider you for admission, your application must be complete by the deadline for the term for which you are applying. A complete application includes:

  • your current resume
  • your formal statement of your background and objectives
  • three letters of recommendation
  • transcripts from every post-secondary institution you have attended (colleges, universities, training schools)
  • proof of English proficiency

To find out if the Graduate College has received the recommendations you requested, log in to the Graduate College’s application system to check your application.  Log in to to check on transcripts and test scores.

Review of Applications

The Master of Health Science program accepts students both fall and spring terms.  Review of applications begins immediately following the application deadline (see “Application Deadlines” above).

The MHS Selection Committee will give priority to applications completed by the deadline. Applications completed after the deadline will be considered if there are open positions in the program.

The MHS Selection Committee submits its recommendations to the Graduate College for approval and processing.

Decision Notification

The Dean of the Graduate College reviews the MHS Selection Committee’s recommendations.  The Graduate College notifies students if they have been or have not been accepted into the Master of Health Science program.

Please note that selection of candidates and processing by the Graduate College can take two to four weeks following the application deadline.


If you have questions that have not been answered here or if you need clarification on any point, please contact us at