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Tim Kempf, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology

Tim KempfTim Kempf has been teaching at Boise State University since 2011 in the area of Exercise Science.  He teaches a variety of courses, such as Exercise Testing and Prescription and Biomechanics, and is interested in exploring mountain biking injuries in competitive youth cross-country mountain bike racers.

Kempf’s past experiences include working in Cardiac Rehabilitation as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist at the University of Pittsburgh, and doing research in both Biomechanics and Human Motor Learning and Control at Rush Medical Center in Chicago.

Kempf and his wife enjoy both Alpine and Nordic Skiing and in the summers, mountain bike touring.  To date, they have biked over 1,000 miles of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.


B.A. in Movement and Sport Science, Purdue University, 1988

M.S. in Exercise Physiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation, University of Pittsburgh, 1990

Ph.D. in Biomechanics, Purdue University, 1997

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Motor Learning, Rush Medical Center, 2000

Select Publications

Flament D, Vaillancourt DE, Kempf T, Shannon K, Corcos DM (2003) EMG remains fractionated in Parkinson’s disease, despite practice-related improvements in performance. Clinical Neurophysiology 114(12):2385-96.

Kempf T, Corcos DM, Flament D (2001) Time course and temporal order of changes in movement kinematics during motor learning: effect of joint and instruction. Experimental Brain Research 136(3):295-302.

Flament D, Shapiro MB, Kempf T, Corcos DM (1999) Time course and temporal order of changes in movement kinematics during learning of fast and accurate elbow flexions. Experimental Brain Research 129(3):441-50.

Courses Taught

  • Kines 270 Applied Anatomy
  • Kines 330 Exercise Physiology
  • Kines 370 Biomechanics
  • Kines 432 Conditioning Procedures
  • Kines 436 Exercise Testing and Prescription
  • Kines 500 Functional Anatomy
  • Kines 520 Advanced Biomechanics
  • Kines 540 Applied Principles of Conditioning
  • Kines 545 Clinical Exercise Physiology

Contact Information

Phone: (208) 426-4279
Fax: (208) 426-1894
Vita: Tim Kempf Vita