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Laura Jones Petranek, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology

Laura PetranekLaura J. Petranek earned her Ph.D. in Physical Education with a cognate in Developmental Foundations and an emphasis in motor learning from the University of South Carolina. She earned her M.A. in Physical Education from California State University, Chico. She came to Boise State University in August of 2005 and is currently an Associate Professor with the Department of Kinesiology, the Director for the Center for Physical Activity and Sport (CPAS), and serving as the Assistant Director for the Summer Youth Sports Program.

Her areas of interest revolve around the broader field of motor behavior. Specifically, within motor learning and development, Dr. Petranek has explored the following areas: attentional focused instruction & feedback among young learners in physical educational settings, youth sport specialization, contextual interference, and coaching education—concussion education and awareness among youth sport coaches. She has also explored areas of student perceptions of engagement and learning using mobile technology in the classroom. Dr. Petranek is committed to areas of research that encourage lifelong learners and movers through the promotion of developmentally appropriate movement programs.


  • 2005 – Ph.D. Physical Education, cognate in Developmental Foundations, University of South Carolina
  • 2002 – M.A. Physical Education, California State University, Chico
  • 2000 – B.S./B.A. Exercise Physiology/Physical Education: Option Teacher Education, California State University, Chico

Research Interests

  • Attentional Focused Instruction and Feedback
  • Student perceptions of engagement and learning with mobile technology

Select Publications

Paul, D., Scruggs, P., Goc Karp, G., Ransdell, L., Robinson, C., Lester, M., Gao, Y., Petranek, L. J., Brown, H., & Shimon, J. (2014). Developing a statewide childhood body mass index surveillance program. Journal of School Health, 84(10), 661-667.

Petranek, L. J., & Barton, G. (2011). The Overarm Throwing Pattern Among U-14 ASA Female Softball Players: A Comparative Study of Gender, Culture, and Experience. Research Quarterly for Sport and Exercise, 82, 220-228.

Jones, L., & Petlichkoff, L. (2008, May). Early sport specialization vs. quality physical education. NAKHEPE Chronicle, 19(2), 5-7.

Jones, L., & French, K. E. (2007). Effects of contextual interference on acquisition and retention of three volleyball skills. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 105, 883-890.

Rink, J., Jones, L., Kirby, K., Mitchell, M., & Doutis, P. (2007). Teacher perceptions of a physical education statewide assessment program. Research Quarterly for Sport and Exercise, 78, 204-215.

Courses Currently Taught

  • KINES 105 Instructional Yoga and Pilates
  • KINES 375 Human Growth and Motor Learning
  • KINES 376 Human Growth and Motor Learning Lab
  • KINES 560 Motor Learning

Contact Information

Phone: (208) 426-4366
Vita: Laura Petranek Vita (PDF)
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