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IPE Strategic Plan 2022

Exposure-Immersion Level

Target: Pre-Professional to Professional Programs

  • Identify courses within each program that instruct students about the various roles of the health [care] team (multidisciplinary approach).
  • Identify health [care] experts to provide guest lectures discussing their role or “scope of practice” across the programs in the college.
  • Develop learning activities that identify a particular health professional and provider’s role in patient care.
  • Develop learning activities that identify when medical referral to another health professional and provider is warranted.
  • Develop tiered learning activities that require collaborative decision making and conflict resolution strategies among health [care] teams.
  • Develop simulation and case study learning activities that involve health [care] teams.
  • Continue the development of existing interdisciplinary and interprofessional programming across the college.

Immersion-Integration Level

Target: Professional to Post-Professional Programs

  • Develop advanced learning activities and programming with at least two or more professional health [care] programs within the college.
    • Simulation/case study based learning activities
  • Develop learning activities, events, and programming that include community stakeholders, outside agencies, and other Universities.
  • Develop professional development opportunities for current health professionals and providers in Treasure Valley and beyond.

Exposure, Immersion, Integration








  • Introduce interdisciplinary concepts, role clarification, team functions and communication. 
  • IPE foundation courses and learning activities. 
  • Early years in program.



  • Team role, conflict resolution, ethics, and shared decision making.
  • Advanced learning activities that include disciplines from the college and local community.
  • Final years in program.



  • Capstone course or IPE activity that included large scale simulation or patient case studies.
  • Advance preparation through post-professional certificates or badges.
  • Final years and young professionals.