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HIIM Admission Requirements

The Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM) Emphasis area offers a broad background in theory and administration of information and opportunities to apply techniques used in the development, implementation, and retention of health information, combining clinical practice and study in areas such as electronic health records, classification systems, reimbursement methodologies, management, and systems planning. It is interdisciplinary, integrating courses from business, information technology, and the health sciences.

Enrollment in HIIM emphasis is limited and dependent upon completion of
the following admission requirements:

  1. acceptance to Boise State University;
  2. junior standing (completion of at least 58 credit hours);
  3. minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA;
  4. completion of the following courses with a grade of a C (not C-) or better:
  • ACCT 205 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • BIOL 227 & 228 Anatomy and Physiology
  • ENGL 101 & 102 Introduction to College Writing and Research
  • HLTHST 101 Medical Terminology
  • HLTHST 202 Health Delivery Systems
  • HLTHST 215 Introduction to Health Informatics
  • ITM 104 Operating Systems and Word Processing Topics
  • ITM 105 Spreadsheet Topics
  • ITM 106 Database Topics
  • MATH 254 Introduction To Statistics
  • submission of application for admission to HIIM emphasis.
  • All students admitted to the HIIM emphasis must submit to a criminal background check at their own expense. Information from the background check deemed to be detrimental to the care of patients will result in revocation of admission status. Students admitted to the HIIM emphasis must also submit required health status documentation prior to enrollment in clinical practice courses.