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Internship Information


Are you looking for a Health Education and Promotion internship?

  1. First, review this PowerPoint presentation to learn more about internships: HEP-Internships-101-FA-16 (2) NEW
  2. Second, search for internships and apply!
    You make begin your search on BroncoJobs where all internship opportunities are sent or create a list of agencies of your interest, research who to contact within each agency, and make some “cold calls” (simply calling to see if they have any internship opportunities available). You may also view a list of past internships that other Health Education and Promotion students have obtained. This list will give you an idea of what kind of work you can do for an agency and also what agencies are out there that you can work with.
  3. Once you have been selected for hire by an agency and before you apply for an academic credit for internship, you are required to schedule one meeting including your site supervisor, Dr. Spear, and yourself to discuss what your duties, tasks, and objectives will be for the internship. Again, this needs to happen before you apply for an academic credit for internship. This is your responsibility to schedule. Pay attention to the academic credit for internship application deadline!
  4. After your internship duties, tasks, and objectives are agreed upon then you will complete an online application for academic credit on the Career Center website. The application will need to be approved by your academic advisor and agency supervisor before you can begin your internship.
  5. Once your application has been approved by both parties, the career center is then notified, and you may begin your internship! You will not receive your internship credit(s) until after you’ve completed all of the required hours for your internship.