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Norco building

Boise State’s new Environmental Research Building, which houses the Exposure Science laboratory

A part of Boise State University’s quest to become a metropolitan research institution of distinction is its recent construction (2011) of a new Environmental Research Building. This 5-story, 97,000 sq. ft. facility is Boise State’s first building dedicated solely to the performance of research. The Exposure Science Laboratory is housed in this building. This laboratory is equipped with a typical complement of standard laboratory equipment infrastructure and safety devices to perform general chemistry applications. To enhance the learning aspects of environmental and occupational monitoring, the laboratory is equipped with a wide variety of realtime and time-integrated instrumentation used in the performance of personal and area sampling.

Lab Resources

Two (2) TSI® DustTrak™ 8520 Aerosol Monitors

  • 90° light scattering device measuring particulate mass concentration in mg/m3
  • Selectively measure particulate mass at a 50% cut point of 1 μm, 2.5 μm, or 10 μm
  • Concentration range = 0.001 mg/m3 to 100 mg/m3
  • Particle size range = 0.1 μm to approximately 100 μm

One (1) TSI® P-TRAK™ 8525 Condensation Ultra Fine Particle Counter

  • Concentration range = 0 to 5 x 105 particles/cc
  • Particle size range = 0.02 μm to > 1.0 μm

One (1) TSI® AeroTrak™ 9303 Airborne Particle Counter

  • Simultaneously measures particle counts in three separate channels
  • Concentration limit = 2 x 106 particles/ft3
  • Particle size range = 0.3 μm to 10 μm

 Two (2) TSI® Q-TRAK™ 8552 IAQ Monitor

  • Real-time, data logging monitor having sensors that record ambient temperature, relative humidity, CO, and CO2

Four (4) Marple 290 Series Personal Cascade Impactors

  • An 8-stage impactor allowing for aerodynamic size fractionation of the an aerosol
  • Cut-points: ≥ 21.3, 14.8, 9.8, 6.0, 3.5, 1.55, 0.93, 0.52 microns and final filter

Twenty (20) Air Flow Pumps

  • Negative pressure air flow pumps having flow ranges of 5 – 5000 mL/min
  • SKC manufactured brands are available to the study

Four (4) BIOS DryCal DC-Lite Air Flow Calibrators

  • Primary calibration device for flow ranges between 5-5000 mL/min

Mettler Toledo XP6 Microbalance

The METTLER TOLEDO XP6 microbalance provides a perfect weighing performance with very fast settling times below 8 seconds. Equipped with colored touch screen display, customized screen programming, intelligent user guidance and hands-free infrared draft shield control, this microbalance is ideally suited for the exposure scientist having the need to gravimetrically analyze samples on a micro scale. Notable specifications of this instrument include a maximum capacity of 6.1 g, a readability of 0.001 mg, and a settling time of < 8 s.

Shared Resources and Collaborating Labs

Hartman System Integration Laboratory with Dr. Sin Ming Loo
Simpson Laboratory with Dr. Christopher Simpson