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Research Activities

  • student research

  • student and research poster at Idaho State capitol

  • noise research conducted by students

  • Dale Stephenson with air mask research

  • Dale Stephenson doing air sampling research

  • student with air particle experiment

  • manikin head with air sampling

  • students with bird flu research poster

  • award winning environmental and occupational health team

  • air sampling lab

  • Selected Student Research

    NameResearch TitleResearch Outcome
    Shannon WirzFluoride in Drinking Water, the Debate Continues Oral Presentation at the 2011 IEHA Conference - Boise, Idaho
    Megan SmithRefugee Populations and Environmental Health: Assimilation of Diverse Peoples into an Culture Different from their OwnOral Presentation at the 2011 IHEA Conference - Boise, Idaho
    Jamie MinickThe Enumeration of Enterococcus and Fecal Coliforms and the use of Gene Biomarkers to Identify the Source of Contamination in a Public WaterwayOral Presentation at the AWMA PNWIS 2010 Conference - Missoula, Montana
    Jamie MinickComparison of Combustion Emissions from Wickless- and Wick-based CandlesOral Presentation at the 2010 IEHA Conference - Boise, Idaho
    Lea DuffinBed Bugs: Beyond the NuisanceOral Presentation at the NEHA 2009 Annual Education Conference - Atlanta, Georgia
    Danielle LongEvaluating the Use of Oxidation Catalyst and Multistage Filters to Reduce Diesel Generator Emissions during Rock Crushing Operations in Eastern IdahoOral Presentation at the AWMA PNWIS 2009 Conference - Cle Elum, Washington
    Leah ArnoldTreasure Valley Air Quality Assessment: Impact of Air Quality on Children with AsthmaOral Presentation at the NEHA 2008 Annual Education Conference - Tucson, Arizona
    Kimberly JohnsonEvaluation of Cross-Connection Contamination in Small Drinking Water SystemsOral Presentation at the NEHA 2007 Annual Education Conference - Atlantic City, New Jersey
    Olivia AulbachComparison of Emissions Derived from the Combustion of Regular Grade Diesel Fuel and 100% Biodiesel FuelOral Presentation at the NEHA 2006 Annual Education Conference - San Antonio, Texas
    Ian PercyOccupational Exposure to Snowmobile Emissions at Yellowstone National ParkPoster Presentation at the NEHA 2005 Annual Education Conference - Providence, Rhode Island
    Annie FetzekThe Practice of Active Managerial Control to Promote Food Safety during the Cooling of Hot FoodsOral Presentation at the NEHA 2004 Annual Education Conference - Anchorage, Alaska
    Logan FreemanEvaluation of a Local Health Department's Communicable Disease Outbreak and Emergency Response Plan Through the Performance of a Disease Outbreak SimulationOral Presentation at the NEHA 2004 Annual Education Conference - Anchorage, Alaska

  • Selected Publications

    Stephenson, D.J., Sand, J., 2009. “Investigating the Presence of an Infectious Agent in Electrocautery Aerosols”, California Journal of Environmental Health, 24(2): 23-25.

    Stephenson, D.J., Spear, T.M., Lutte, M.G, 2006. “Comparison of Sampling Methods to Measure Exposure to Diesel Particulate Matter in an Underground Metal Mine”, Mining Engineering, 58(8): 39-45.

    D.J. Stephenson, F.D. DeRosso, D.R. Lillquist, D.D. Greene, G. White, 2004. “Side-By-Side Comparison of Three Sampling Methods for Aerosolized Endotoxin in a Waste-Water Treatment Facility”, Journal of Env. Health, 16(4): 16-19.

    D.J. Stephenson, J. Veranth, G. Seshadri, 2003 “Workplace Exposure to Submicron Particle Mass and Number Concentrations from Manual Arc Welding of Carbon Steel”, American Ind. Hygiene Association Journal, 64(4): 516-521.

    T. Suruda, B. Milliken, D.J. Stephenson, R. Sesek. 2003 “Fatalities Associated with the Use of Respiratory Protection”, Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 18(4): 1-4.

    D.J. Stephenson, T.M. Spear, M. Seymour, 2002. “Airborne Exposure to Heavy Metals and Total Particulate During Abrasive Blasting Using Copper Slag Abrasive”, Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 17(6): 1-7.

    A. Rivers, D.J. Stephenson, K. Hegmann, D. Lillquist, F. DeRosso, 2002. “Evaluation of Procedure Modifications to Reduce Glutaraldehyde Vapors During the Disinfection of Endoscopes Using Three Sampling Methods”, Chemical Health & Safety, 9(4): 13-20.

    S.J. Clapham, D.J. Stephenson, D.O. Wallace, D.R. Lillquist, A.J. Suruda, 2000. “Comparison of N95 Filtering Facepiece Fit Using Bitrex Qualitative and TSI Portacount Quantitative Fit Testing Methodologies”. International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, 6:50-54.

    D.J. Stephenson, C.I. Fairchild, R.M. Buchan, M. Dakins, 1999. “A Fiber Characterization of the Natural Zeolite, Mordenite: A Potential Inhalation Health Hazard”, Aerosol Science and Technology, 30:467-476.