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Meet the Center Staff

Sarah Toevs

Sarah Toevs, PhD – Director of the Center for the Study of Aging

Dr. Toevs is the Director of the Center for the Study of Aging and a Professor in the Department of Community and Environmental Health in the College of Health Sciences at Boise State University. She earned her PhD in Health Education and Promotion with an emphasis in Gerontology from the University of Utah in 2000. She has over 30 years of experience in higher education and an extensive network of colleagues in public health and community-based organizations. Dr Toevs’ research interests include health and health system evaluation and analysis and reflects the multi-disciplinary nature inherent in gerontology.

Mike Berlin

Mike Berlin, MS Gerontology, LCSW – Public Policy Liaison for the Center for the Study of Aging
(208) 426-5899

Mike Berlin is the Public Policy Liaison with the Center for the Study of Aging and Clinical Geriatric Social Worker. Mike holds a Master’s degree in Gerontology and has over 25 years of leadership and administrative experience in health care. Mike joined the Center as a community advocate/volunteer in 2009 and currently serves the “Chair” of the Idaho Alzheimer’s Planning Group (IAPG). He and his wife, Louise, have been the catalyst behind the IAPG and the talent and expertise they bring to the Center are invaluable. Mike is also engaged at Boise State University as an adjunct professor teaching courses related to health policy and issues in aging, leadership, and health care economics and financing.

Mary Holden

Mary Holden, GC in Gerontology – Community Liaison for the Center for the Study of Aging
(208) 426-5899

Mary Holden is the Community Liaison for the Center for the Study of Aging and the Coordinator of the Justice Alliance for Vulnerable Adults (JAVA). She brings expertise in aging as well as nonprofit management, event planning and fundraising to the Center. She holds a graduate certificate in gerontological studies with a specialty in working with individuals and families dealing with hoarding behaviors. For more information about JAVA, please visit

Michelle Arnett – Graduate Research Assistant, Center for the Study of Aging

Michelle Arnett is a Graduate Research Assistant with the Center for the Study of Aging. She is pursuing a Master of Health Science degree with an emphasis in Health Promotion and a graduate certificate in Gerontological Studies. Michelle has undergraduate degrees in Sports Management (fitness and wellness) and Media Arts/Graphic Design. Since joining the Center for the Study of Aging, she has been involved in research designed to test the Idaho Fit and Fall Proof (FFP) Program against evidenced-based practice standards established by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She is also working with state and regional FFP administrators and community-based volunteer leaders to revise and update curriculum and training materials.