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Just the Facts: Why Idaho Needs a Plan For Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias

Alzheimer’s is a rapidly growing disease nationwide…

  • One in 10 Americans will develop some form of dementia during their lifetime – 70% of those diagnoses will be Alzheimer’s
  • Someone new is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s every 70 seconds
  • Of all the major diseases, Alzheimer’s is the only one whose mortality rate is still climbing
  • The greatest risk factor for developing dementia is advancing age, and in America, 10,000 people a day are turning 65 – a trend which will continue until 2030
  • People 85+ represent almost half the people with Alzheimer’s

…especially in Idaho.

  • People 85+ are the fastest growing segment of the state’s population
  • Today, Idahoans with Alzheimer’s would fill Bronco Stadium…and that number will double in just 14 years
  • Idaho is projected to have the 5th highest increase in Alzheimer’s patients among all states
  • Idaho’s death rate from Alzheimer’s is one of the highest in the nation

Treating Alzheimer’s is costly for individuals and the state.

  • Medicaid/Medicare patients with Alzheimer’s are more than 9 times more costly than non-Alzheimer’s Medicaid/Medicare patients, presenting a public health challenge to our state
  • Medicare patients with Alzheimer’s are more than 3 times more likely to require hospital stays than non-Alzheimer Medicare patients
  • Patients ages 65+ with dementia make up about ¼ of all hospital patients at any given time
  • About ½ of all Medicaid beneficiaries with dementia are nursing home residents

Source: 2010/2011 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures – National Alzheimer’s Association.

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