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Welcome to the Center for the Study of Aging


Introduction to the Boise State University Center for the Study of Aging

Welcome to the Center for the Study of Aging (CSA) at Boise State University. The Center’s multidisciplinary approach to aging offers a comprehensive learning experience with a focus on community engagement. Activities of the Center are guided by the philosophy that aging is a lifetime endeavor. It is not a condition to be treated or an event that happens at a particular age, but rather a process that unfolds over the course of one’s life.

This life span perspective creates a wide array of opportunities to promote healthy aging that recognize the inter-relatedness of systems and supports. We value the need for research, advocacy, and collaboration in our efforts to assure that everyone has the opportunity to age well. As an example, in 2015 researchers with the Center established a community-university partnership with the Boise City Parks and Recreation Department, to conduct an age-friendly assessment of the community.  The project, based on a model developed by the World Health Organization (WHO), provided the city with action-focused information gathered from older adults, caregivers of older adults, and organizations who provide services to older adults in Boise.  This work exemplifies the mission of the Center as a catalyst for change with the goal of assuring that communities in Idaho are equipped to help people lead fulfilling lives.

I encourage you to explore the resources available through the CSA. We look forward to working and learning with you.

Sarah E Toevs, PhD
Professor and Director, Center for the Study of Aging
Boise State University