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The Department of Community and Environmental Health offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a number of areas, as well as non-degree programs and graduate certificates. Explore all of our degree programs and offerings below.

CEH offers three undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Studies,  and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health. We offer a Graduate degree in Master of Health Science with three emphases. The below table displays the hierarchy of CEH’s degrees, majors, and emphases, which appear on the undergraduate’s diploma.

List of CEH Degrees with associated majors and emphases.

Bachelor of ArtsPublic Health (Online)N/A
Bachelor of ScienceHealth Studies- General
- Science
Bachelor of SciencePublic Health- General
Master of Health ScienceHealth Science- Health Policy
- Health Promotion
- Health Services Leadership

* In addition to working on your degree, students wishing to earn a clinical degree after graduation may select a Pre-Professional designation for advising purposes. Please note: a designation will not appear on the diploma, but is listed in the student’s transcript.

Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

Community and Environmental Health (CEH) Courses

Students take a combination of courses from CEH, in their chosen emphasis area, and other departments. Review the comprehensive list of all CEH courses offered. A subset of these courses is required for each emphasis area. If your emphasis or course(s) is not listed, please see your declared catalog year.

Pre-Professional Pathways

Pre-Professional Pathways are not degrees, they are used as an advising tool for students who intend to apply to a professional school. This option serves students who have declared a designation in pre-chiropractic, pre-dental, pre-dental hygiene, pre-dietetics, pre-medical laboratory science, pre-medicine, pre-occupational therapy, pre-optometry, pre-pharmacy, pre-physical therapy, pre-physician assistant, pre-speech-language pathology, or pre-veterinary medicine. For information about academic preparation for any of the healthcare pre-professional professions consult with the advisors in the College of Health Sciences – Academic Advising office.