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Pursue Your Passion in the Department of Community and Environmental Health (CEH)

If you’re looking for a livelihood that improves the health and wellness of communities and individuals, Community and Environmental Health has a career path for you. With a range of options in health studies and public health you can choose a degree that speaks to your passions and your career goals.

Degree Programs

Students in our department may choose from the following undergraduate and graduate programs and are encouraged to work closely with an advisor to facilitate degree, minor, or certificate completion:

Undergraduate education
  • BS in Health Studies
    Three emphases to choose from General, Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM), or Science

    • Science emphasis includes Pre-Professional designations (non-degree programs in Pre-Medical Studies, Pre-Dental Studies, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, and other pre-medical professional programs)
  • BS in Public Health
    Three emphases to choose from General, Environmental & Occupational Health and Safety (EOHS), and Health Education and Promotion (HEP)
  • BA in Public Health online degree completion program
Graduate education
  • Master of Health Science degree or a
  • Graduate certificate in Health Services Leadership

Pre-Professional Pathways

While all degrees in the CEH department provide students with the prerequisites needed for future professional degrees, selecting a learning pathway helps students identify additional opportunities and coursework that will support admissions to a professional program, regardless of their current major. This flexible approach prepares students to be competitive in the admissions process for a future professional degree, while qualifying them for career alternatives in the health field.

Pre-professional pathways are not academic degree programs (i.e. majors, minors, certificates). Instead, pre-professional pathways provide an organized approach to advising students who intend to go on to apply to a professional degree program (i.e. medical, veterinary, dental etc) after completing their Boise State degree.


The Mission of the Department of Community and Environmental Health is to contribute to the enhancement of human health and the environment through educational programs, research, and community service.

Student Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes shared by all of the academic programs offered through the Department include:

  • Demonstrate an awareness of factors impacting human health, such as, nutrition, disease mechanisms, drug use and abuse, aging, access to health care, communication with providers, and environmental conditions.
  • Understand the essential components and issues facing the United States’ health care delivery and public and environmental health systems.
  • Understand the fundamentals of ethics and health law and the impact they have on health care providers, public health professionals, consumers, and institutions.
  • Demonstrate oral communication skills required in health related work settings and graduate and professional programs.
  • Demonstrate written communication skills required in health related work settings and graduate and professional programs.
  • Utilize critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate health related information.
  • Demonstrate the use of computer software for word processing, presentations, and basic data analysis needed to conduct and report health related research.

Discover, Learn, Work, and Play: For healthier people and places!

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