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Additional Program Information

Athletic trainer assesses football playerGoals

  1.  Graduates of this program will demonstrate the knowledge and skills of a highly qualified, productive, and employable Athletic Trainer.
  2.  Graduates from this program will pursue life-long learning, which informs clinical practice shaped by the University’s shared values: Academic excellence, caring, citizenship, fairness, respect, responsibility, and trustworthiness.

BOC Pass Rates & Employment Rates

Aggregate 3 Year BOC Pass Rate Data

Comparison of Boise State’s first time BOC pass rates to National rates spanning the previous 3-year’s aggregated totals.

2017 Pass Rate Graph

View accessible table of comparison of Boise State’s first time BOC pass rates to National rates spanning the previous 3-year’s aggregated totals.


Program completion and compliance with the Athletic Training Program’s technical standards do not guarantee student eligibility for the BOC certification exam.

Program Handbook:

Coming soon

Technical Standards (PDF)

Program Expenses

Boise State Graduate Student Tuition and Fees (In & Out of State)

Other AT program student expenses:

  • National Athletic Trainers Association Student Membership: $70
  • Healthcare Provider CPR/AED certification (one time): $50
  • Background Check (Certified Background): $65
  • Students are responsible for expenses related to:
    1. Clinical Course Fees. Examples include expendable supplies, equipment, calibration, clinical instruction, software licensing: 1st year- $803 / 2nd year- $657
    2. Transportation to and from off-campus clinical education facilities
    3. Appropriate clothing (casual slacks/shorts and Boise State shirts) for clinical education rotations
    4. Physical examination, Vaccinations, Titer or other medical expenses for application
  • Athletic Training BOC examination (final semester): $300

Financial Aid:

Visit funding graduate school information

Visit financial aid for graduate students


The Athletic Training program at Boise State has maintained continued accreditation since accreditation for professional programs began in 1982.  The existing undergraduate accreditation will transition to the Masters Program in 2019.