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Herbicide Exposure in Pregnant Women

Funded by NIH

Emerging literature suggests that in utero exposure to glyphosate and glyphosate based herbicides may effect reproduction and may adversely impact developing fetuses. This study aims to quantify how much glyphosate pregnant women are exposed to and how that exposure is occurring.

Pilot study to evaluate effect of organic diet during pregnancy

Organic Dietary Intervention

Funded by ITHS

Current research shows that organic food consumption significantly reduces pesticide exposure; however, does this reduced exposure lead to a measurable health benefit? Our pilot study of the effects of an organic diet during pregnancy is the first step we are taking toward answering this question.

Bromide uptake in crops following soil fumigation with methyl bromide for PCN eradication

Bromide Uptake in Crops

Funded by USDA

Growers often use pesticides to contend with unwanted pests. In this project, we are measuring a pesticide’s breakdown products to ensure that they don’t enter our food supply at unacceptable levels.

Reducing potato production hazards

Reducing Potato Production Hazards

Funded by PNASH

Agricultural workplaces can be hazardous. The main aim of this project is to create a safer work environment for farmworkers involved in Northwest Potato Production through the identification and prevention of these worksite hazards.