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AGNP Costs

  • Affordable Tuition | $750 per credit hour | 50 credits
    Funding your AGNP Master’s Degree

    Boise State offers a high quality education at an affordable cost. There are no out-of-state fees for our online graduate programs and the cost per credit hour is $750 per credit.


The tuition rate for the AGNP Master of Nursing is $750 per credit hour making the total tuition $37,500 (50 credits @ $750 per credit hour).  There are no additional fees assessed to out-of-state (non-Idaho) residents.

Additional Costs

  • Books and software.
  • Travel, room and board costs associated with attending three summer intensives in Boise,  Idaho.
  • There are no preceptor fees.

Financial Aid

Information about financial aid/student loans for graduate school is available through the Boise State Graduate College View information on funding your degree.

Please Note: Tuition rates per credit hour and fees are subject to change. Tuition waivers for Boise State employees are not available for this program.