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Student Services and Academic Advising Philosophy


Academic and career advising within the College of Health Sciences at Boise State University are integrated because there is a strong relationship for most students between their educational and career goals. Boise State University is proactive about assisting students to explore this relationship for themselves and about raising awareness of the need for both academic and career planning throughout students’ programs of study.

Our Mission

The College of Health Sciences academic and career advising seeks to support students in the exploration and development of educational and health related career goals while promoting student responsibility in the decision-making process. A combination of faculty, professional and peer advisors provide students with access to information, resources and support in the areas in which they have the greatest need and can most benefit.


Based on students’ individual circumstances, personal development and skills, advisors provide information and support and foster a sense of responsibility in students to achieve their own goals as they develop into a health care professional.

Student Outcomes

  • Personal growth: Develop communication, decision-making, and problem-solving skills
  • Resource identification: Develop skills in locating and effectively using information and resources that support achievement of goals
  • Curriculum integration: Understand the relationship between classroom experiences and academic, career, and personal goals
  • Experiential learning: Understand the importance of including experiences outside of the classroom in an educational plan
  • Relational Development: Understand the importance of personal, collegial, and professional relationships

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