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RN-BS Faculty

The supportive faculty who help our working RNs complete their BS degree in nursing at Boise State University are committed to making the program a rewarding, stimulating, and enjoyable experience.

Sara Ahten, RN,
Darcy Anderson, RN,
Jane Blackwell, RN, CNM,
Andrew Carpenter,
Faith Chennette, MSN, CPHN, OCN, RN-BC,
Angela Crawford, RN,
Shoni Davis, DNSc,
Amy Drescher-Crumpley, RN, DNP,
Jason Droesch, MS
Annabeth Elliott, RN,
Ava Farahany, RN,
Christy Green, MS,
Debra Hagerty, RN,
Mary Hereford, PhD, RN,
Michelle Hicks, MSN,
Crissy Hunter, RN, MS,
Jayne Josephsen, MSN,
Eppie LaBiche, MSN, RN, MBA/
Jennifer Marsh, MSN,
Betty Miller, BA,
Jill Olausson, BSN, MSN,
Marilyn O'Mallon, PhD,
Sue Ellen Odom, PhD, MSN,
Susan Parslow, MS, PhD,
Craig Poole, MSN, RN,
Amy M. Rabon, RN, MSN,
Usama Saleh, PhD,
Ejim N. Sule, MSN, PhDc, RN,
Helen Taggart, DNP, RN,
Lindsey Wallgren,